Hand Sanitizer Demand Creating $2.3 Billion Opportunity

With the pandemic showing no signs of slowing, demand for telehealth is only picking up momentum.

In fact, according to Hill Fegurson, CEO of Doctor on Demand, as noted by Axios, “The coronavirus pandemic has created unprecedented opportunities for growth in the telehealth industry, including treating mental health and chronic conditions,” adding, “With everyone being used to living in a pandemic … using telemedicine to get care has become the norm.” In addition, nowadays, far more people are embracing telehealth.

In fact, according to a recent survey from healthinsurance.com, more than 60% of Medicare-eligible seniors say they’re now using the technology.  Plus, according to a recent survey from Metova, “80%, if given the option, would choose telemedicine for their next medical appointment, 79% have wanted to connect with a medical professional using video conferencing and 93% were either satisfied or very satisfied with their telemedicine experience.