Global Demand for Functional Mushrooms On the Rise

Functional mushrooms have become one of the top health and wellness stories.

After all, specific types of mushrooms have been shown to help increase mental clarity, and assist with immune support.  According to Mordor Intelligence, “A number of scientific studies have confirmed the ability of functional mushrooms and mushroom-derived supplements to increase the effectiveness of both innate and adaptive immune systems.  The market is expected to experience huge demand for Reishi and Cordyceps, followed by the other types of medicinal mushrooms.”

Even Lion’s Mane for example has been shown to be good for the brain, as reported by The New York Times.  It’s “believed by many consumers to be good for the brain, and a study published in 2011 showed the mushroom reduced memory loss symptoms in mice,” adding that in one study in older people “found that daily lion’s mane supplements improved their mental functioning.

Mushrooms in general have some really great benefits,” says dietitian Ryanne Lachman, as quoted by the Cleveland Clinic.  “A big one tends to be with reducing inflammation. Mushrooms also contain antioxidants, which can help support the immune system.”